Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Rajasthan Tours is certainly going to be one of the most memorable tours of your life as tourism in Rajasthan is full of thrill and excitement. Rajasthan is the only land where much of the medieval character has been retained through its magnificent forts, palaces and Havellis. Here, the remains of the medieval times have perfectly blended with the modern buildings that have cropped up in the present tims. The historic land of Rajasthan has thrown many warriors in the past and it has witnessed many battles fought between great kings to establish supremacy in the region. As you visit Rajasthan, many stories of valour and romance which you must have read or heard will start ringing true. Explore the timeless beauty of  Lake Palace and City Palace in Udaipur. Find yourself close to the nature in Ranthambore National park and Bharatpur Bird sanctuary. Take a dip in Pushkar Lake and feel energized as the tiredness of years will go away in a mysterious way. This is the power of this holy lake!

Major Catch:

- Go for Camel Fair in Pushkar
- Check out the massive Jodhpur Fort
- Go wobbling on a camel's bare back.
- Watch the nights of the Rajasthan deserts
- Get yourself in clicked in the traditional costumes of India.
- Enjoy a day in Chowki Dhani, Jaipur
- Buy trinkets from the bazaars of Rajasthan

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